20 km of biking/hiking trails & 8.5 km of trails for hikers only.
Remember trail etiquette - take only pictures, leave only footprints, and use only marked trails!



Sections of the trail may be impassable when water levels in the river and Fanshawe Reservoir are high, in which case you will be asked to double back. Click here to check the Wye Creek trail crossing.


  Trails for Hikers Only 
There are three loop trails for hikers only: the Tamarack Trail (blue blazes, 1.5 km), Lookout Trail (yellow blazes, 4 km) and Meadows Trail (green blazes, 3 km). These trails are all located close to the campground. For your safety and to protect trail habitat, please always stay on the marked trails.

Fanshawe CA Hiking Trail brochure


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Fanshawe Lake Trail (20 km, hiking/biking)
Trail open to both hiking and biking. The Lake Trail circles all the way around Fanshawe Reservoir, going through mature forests, open meadows and along three stretches of roadway. For your safety and to prevent damage to habitat, please stay on the marked trails at all times. We highly recommended that anyone hiking or biking this trail carry a copy of the Lake Trail guide.

BIKERS: Direction of travel alternates depending on the date - on even numbered days go clockwise; on odd numbered days go counterclockwise (e.g. June 6 is clockwise; June 7 is counterclockwise). Bike helmets are mandatory, regardless of age or experience.


Low Water Crossings

There are two low water crossings on the Lake Trail, one over Wye Creek and one just south of the Thorndale bridge on the west side of the Thames River. When the reservoir and river are high, these sections of the trail may be impassable, in which case you will be asked to double back. See current flows and water levels for the Wye Creek crossing on line. Trail conditions are also posted at the trailhead in the day use area (#1 on the map).


Brochures for the Fanshawe Lake Trail:

Fanshawe Lake Trail map

Fanshawe LakeTrail text

More information on the Fanshawe Lake Trail

Giant Hogweed fact sheet: thamesriver.on.ca/wp-content/uploads//InvasiveSpecies/UTRCA_hogweed_factsheet.pdf  


Species at Risk

The Fanshawe Lake Trail and the three hiking trails near the campground travel through areas that are home to Species at Risk. These areas have been identified by the Province of Ontario and the UTRCA as requiring extra protection. Activities such as building and maintaining trails and installing signs is only done by staff in clearly marked UTRCA uniforms. Be aware that provincial charges can be laid against any individual or group engaging in any prohibited activity where these species at risk are located. Please stay on marked trails at all times. If you see anyone engaging in any type of suspicious or illegal activity, please notify park staff at the gatehouse by calling 519-951-6181 ext 357. Let's work together to protect these areas.


Fees & Rules


A park admission fee, payable at the front entrance gates, is required in order to use any trails. Season’s passes, also available at the gatehouses, give you unlimited yearly entrance to Fanshawe, Pittock and Wildwood CAs. Entry fees help us to maintain and improve the conservation areas' trails and facilities.

  • Always carry your Cyclist/Pedestrian Pass
  • Trails are open from dawn to dusk (night riding is prohibited)
  • Slow down and use caution when approaching or overtaking other trail users
  • At all times travel only on marked trails and respect trail closures
  • Do not disturb wildlife or pick or transplant flowers or plants
  • Bikers must wear and use appropriate safety equipment - helmets are mandatory and bike bells are recommended 
  • Do not climb fences
  • Keep dogs on leash and under control at all times, and remember to stoop and scoop
  • Keep trails free of litter