Our 3,000 acre conservation area was created when the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA) built Fanshawe Dam and Reservoir in 1950-52, to protect the City of London from flooding. Our "outdoor playground," perched on the edge of London, offers camping (both seasonal and overnight), boating, canoe and kayak rentals, hiking, picnicking, mountain biking, bird watching, fishing, special events, and so much more! 

Fanshawe CA is one of three large, multi-use conservation areas in the Upper Thames River watershed, the others being Wildwood CA and Pittock CA.

our team

Steve Musclow
Phone: (519)-951-6181 ext. 366

Damian Schofield
Assistant Superintendent 

Phone: (519)-951-6181 ext. 360

Alison Miller
Assistant Superintendent
Phone: (519)-951-6181 ext. 364

Devin Mcglynn

Park Operations Technician-Operations

Phone: (519)-951-6181 ext. 365

Dustin Patrick

Park Operations Technician-Maintenance

Phone: (519)-951-6181 ext. 361

Sacha Pimiskern

Park Operations Technician-Cottages & Trails

Phone: (519)-951-6181 ext. 365

Mary-Elle Kyte

Conservation Area Clerk

Phone: (519)-951-6181 ext. 367

Fanshawe Pioneer Village

Fanshawe Yacht Club and Sailing School 519-451-8989

Join the club, learn to sail and lease a boat!


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