Hey Everybody! First Post of the new blog! YourLakeTrail

Happy operating season 2021! We decided to do something a bit different this year on communications so we have started YourLakeTrail Blog. This will be the inaugural post, so here we go!

2021 will be an exciting year for the Fanshawe Lake Trail. Fansahwe Conservation Area has committed budget money to various much needed improvement projects along the Lake Trail for 2021. We have received and heard your feedback and have listened to your concerns. This blog is designed to detail the 2021 construction project year as transparently as possible and give updates and advanced notice on construction projects and detours along the trail.

Also new to 2021, this blog will aim to inform users of events we are hosting on certain days of the trail (cross country runs, marathons, biking events) just so users have a heads up on what to expect for trail conditions and overall business.

Here are some other ideas we are cooking up! Incorporating a "downed tree reporting line" to keep communication open, opportunities for constructive feedback with our users and enforcement education alerts on the trail! Please comment on any other suggestions, this is new and we are open to anything! Stay tuned EVERY WEDNESDAY for exciting news! #fanshawelaketrail


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