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2021 IS COMING! the plan...

Hi Everyone, welcome to another weekly addition of #yourlaketrail

We have been super busy planning this off season and you may have noticed a few rock and material deliveries out on the lake trail near markers 30 and 32. After getting a rock hauler axle deep in mud at Forest City Golf Course Driving Range (ground had not frozen up-OOPS), we had to make a "custom made ice road" across the range that helped those deliveries happen-Note to self, take pictures next time. The deliveries were completed around mid-February and we have avoided any damage from the delivery equipment on the Golf Course. One less dump truck on the property this season=good thing- Minimize equipment on a golf course=good idea.

Although burying a truck was not a part of our plan, the rest is all a part of our master 2021 plan, and the different work areas detailed below-enjoy!

1. Marker 31 and 32-GOAL-Improve bridge approaches to create a stable, safe, smooth trail surface on either side of both bridges. Key word-EROSION CONTROL.

This plan depicts our plan for the "West Bridge"-creating a stone trench, with hopes to redirect water. The "East Bridge" will be achieved in a similar way, but with hopes to create a berm to redirect runoff water on the trail away from the travel surface.

2. Marker 14-GOAL- Improve low water crossing to allow patrons to cross during rain and melt events. Have you ever sourced an entire full sized flat-bed trailer? Neither have I! This is the plan-to install a repurposed truck bed for the low water crossing near marker 14. Long gone are the days of hopping stones or walking your bike across this wet and rugged area. We know from experience-it is very hard balancing on the stones with chainsaw in hand! Drawing Below!

3. Marker 28 Area-GOAL-Small Crossing- Install boardwalk along a frequently washed out area of a trail, where runoff consistently occurs seasonally and during rain events. See below!

We will leave that for this week for you all to ruminate on #yourlaketrail BIG PLANS FOR 2021!

Yours in Planning- the YourLakeTrail Team.

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