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2022 Season Has Begun!!

Welcome back for the 2022 season here at Fanshawe Conservation Area. The park officially opened May 1st!!!

For those of you who have been out on the trail prior to us opening, you may have noticed a few crews out cutting many of the hazard trees along the trail.

While trees have many benefits to us, by providing shade, blocking wind and cooling our homes as well as of course adding beauty to our natural areas, they can also unfortunately become a liability. Not all hazardous trees are obvious. Sometimes it takes Mother Nature’s sever weather to expose a trees weakness.

All the trees that are being felled along the trail are 100% dead trees. While a majority of the tree species are Ash trees which were hit hard by the Emerald Ash Borer over recent years and Pines, that are naturally outcompeted with the plantations around the trail.

All hope is not lost. By removing these trees they make way for the next generation of trees to come up and replace them. All the seedlings and saplings that have been laying in wait in the shade will now start to grow more rapidly as more sunlight is allowed into these areas.

Be advised, crews are out today and will be out over the next few weeks to complete this project. Be safe out on the trail and be respectful of crews while they are out cutting.

Remember, you can also report any issues you find while enjoying the trail to the front gate staff.

Park Staff

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