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Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Due to flooding, all low level water crossings on Fanshawe's lake trail are expected to be underwater. Until further notice, our lake trail will be closed to the public.

Fanshawe Conservation area reservoir will be closed for water activities due to severe rainfall and high water levels. No boating or fishing allowed at this time. The park will remain open for visitors and interior trail users. Please see the front gate or call if you have any questions.

As the water recedes, please allow the land to dry out before hurrying back out on the trail. Remember that sections will be under water for a few days and will need time to dry out before heavy use on the trail resumes, otherwise, we could risk severe damage to the trail.

The trail will be muddy when it’s passable again and there will be lots of debris. Please stay off the trail rather than riding it and going around muddy sections, further widening these areas. Some may argue them fix the muddy sections, but in the low lying areas, it wouldn’t matter what is done, these areas will always end up under water once, twice or more in a year.

Staff will clear the trail as soon as possible.

Also, if you are out and notice issues that need to be dealt with, please report it to staff by either telling the gate staff or using the reporting form on this site. The more detail of the issue and where it is will help staff deal with it sooner.

Park Staff

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