Marker 14-Trail Banking the Curve

In this week's edition of YourLakeTrail blog, I will attempt to describe some ideas we have for marker 14 and the new bridge install. What are your thoughts on berms? The drawings below will help explain what we are thinking here at FCA

We have been hearing questions regarding keeping the trail as it currently stands in addition to the bridge to allow bikers to continue to cross through the low water drainage ditch. The low water crossing will no longer be a maintained trail, as it is a hazard, especially during rain events. As an alternative that might be appealing, we would like to hear if you think banking, also known as creating a "flowy berm" on the new "proposed trail" would be a good idea? Accepting comments here! As you can see, the new proposed line offers a more drastic curve while going downhill on a "clockwise" day, which creates an opportunity to create a high berm on the downslope curve for riders. Thoughts? A short one this week, but we thought based on last weeks comments, we could use this week as an opportunity to elaborate some of the finer aspects of planning.

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