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Monkey Wrench Closed Temporary

Notice, staff are placing signs at the entrance and exit of the Monkey Wrench Trail section of the Lake trail. This trail will be closed until staff can clear the trees that have come down and blocked multiple locations on this side trail.

Rather than trying to go around these tress and creating more side trails, please staff off this section of trail until staff are done addressing the issues.

Thank you Park Staff

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Monkey Wrench is now reopen after the recent storms! All the trees are now cleared and the trail is ready for use again. Happy Riding, Park Staff

Due to the recent storm there are branches and debris that are blocking the Monkey Wrench Trail. This section of the trail will therefore be closed until staff can clear it and make the trail useable

With the storm that passed through last night there is potential of trees or branches down throughout the lake trail. If you are out on the trail and happen upon one of these issues, please report it

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