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New Improvements Finished-Marker 31 and 32

And so it starts!

The work has begun on the trail at the bridges between Markers 30 and 32. Regarding and drainage, erosion as well as rerouting the trail are all complete as of today.

We had staff on site guiding patrons around the construction and patrons were (mostly) patient and thankful for our big efforts. We had many many compliments and positive comments from bikers and hikers, and we really appreciate that. We put a lot of time, effort and resources toward this work to make a safer and more sustainable trail for ALL of our users at all skill levels. Thank you to our Conservation Services staff for the great, quick, efficient work. The work days were relatively painless and the hard work shows!

Also remember that the trail has been regraded so it is not the hard compact soil that you were used to so again proceed with caution as the trail tread could be soft in places!

On a final note, in the coming days in these areas you will notice the trail being re-routed away from the bluff. Please once these sections are open use them and not the old trail. The trail is being redirected in these locations due to erosion concerns.

Please respect any sign and barriers that are put in place on the trail. We are hoping to possibly naturalize these locations to help with the erosion in the future, otherwise over time the original trail will disappear over the bluff and new new trail will be threatened. Think SUSTAINABILITY!

Coming soon……Next week will be the installation of the bridge between Markers 14-12 at the low water crossing. We will operate that same way with staff on hand directing patrons through the construction site.

Be safe and please- Be kind!!

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