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Procuring a Bridge

Hi Everyone! hopefully you are staying warm out there. In this week's edition of #YourFLT, we discuss the process we went through of procuring a bridge for our Marker 14 crossing. Although building a bridge is always an option, with the price of lumber these days, staff at Fanshawe decided to buy a bridge instead. What did we buy, you ask? Well, here she is! Its BEAUTIFUL!

If only we could change the directional arrows on even/odd days, it could have been a covered bridge!

From here, our contractor will tear down all side walls, axles, hitch stands and tires and salvage and recycle all parts of the trailer. This trailer is officially 401 retired!

Recently, we received more pictures of our baby! Work is well on the way to get this thing recycled and turned into a bridge. Because it is covered, it means the decking will be in perfect condition.

Once complete and recycled, the bridge will be delivered via another flatbed to the field access on UTRCA property. From here, our conservation services unit and equipment will drag and place the bridge as well as install it as a permanent trail fixture! Stay tuned for updates this season on this project-it is an exciting one. And yes, we will talk to the carpenter about installing some type of gripping strips on the decking. Until next week-stay off the trail. It is wet!

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