Trial Conditions

Today staff was able to get out and clear the trail from

· Marker 14-11 (not including the Monkey Wrench)

· Marker 26-23

· Marker 27-Low water crossing just past Marker 28

There is a tree over the trail before Marker 12 and another was reported behind the Rowing Tower. Staff will try to get these this week.

As for the trail condition, it is still very muddy and wet in some areas. There is still water on the trail by the Wye Creek Bridge, as seen below, and unfortunately people are still insisting on riding the trail so there are some nice ruts out there.

We hope to get to the other sections of the trail in the lowlands over the next few days.

Please, be patient and give the trail a few more days to dry out. The trail was under a substantial amount of water for almost a week. The one picture below shows the high water line that was left in the trees and bushes along the trail.

Thank you

Park Staff

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