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Ways to motivate children

Large, small and integrated: task formats for building functional literacy

Functional literacy is an interdisciplinary skill. Let's consider a few more cases: how you can work out different types of literacy, while continuing to work for the involvement of students.

It is important to show students that the knowledge they are getting now is not a fiction. This idea is best implemented in large educational formats: trainings, lesson cycles, educational immersions and role-playing games. This can even be implemented in the writing of written works. With the help of an admission essay editing service, it helps in putting your thoughts on a piece of paper. Thus, it will promote the development of creative and creative skills. All these formats are good for their metasubjectivity, as they form a holistic and systemic thinking. Also, writing written works also contributes to the development of systems thinking. With help from it will help children to think systematically which is necessary for writing papers. But at the same time, they clearly go beyond the classroom system. And here it is important to show yet another example - how small tasks of this type could be included in ordinary classes in the subject. Educational role play An example of a large educational format is a role-playing game. This is a kind of simulated life-like situation in which the students of the entire school are immersed. It has a basic scenario and certain rules, but the development of the plot depends on the players.Passing such games, the child develops the skill of generating ideas, which will help to express these ideas on a piece of paper. Games are good, but if you click this, you can additionally develop creativity along with games, which is necessary for writing papers and doing homework. If this is worked out along with games, it will have a good effect on writing skills. In our case, two games became examples. In role-playing, as in life, there is no clear division between disciplines. You do not just solve examples, but, for example, carry out financial transactions. We had a fifth-grader who, before the revolution, made a fortune at a water pump, because she was good at counting and had diplomatic skills.

At the game, you must not only write an essay without errors, but write such texts that, on the one hand, are bright and catchy, and on the other, well-argued and competent in the general sense of the word, otherwise your opponents will break you.

Some processes during such games simulate the solution of thematic, practice-oriented tasks. For example, obtaining resources or patenting an invention. It is banal even to run fast. Thus, it is one of the best educational forms, which is both life-like and connected with the life of students.

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