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Years of study and educational journeys of Tycho Brahe

With the same zeal as astronomy, he also pursued the study of chemistry and medicinal science. In Leipzig he became acquainted with Bartholomaus Sculttus (1540-1614), the later mayor of Gorlitz, with whom he subsequently exchanged astronomical letters - domyhomework . As war broke out between Denmark and Sweden in 1565, his uncle demanded that Brahe return home with his tutor. They travelled via Wittenberg and Rostock to Copenhagen.

After his uncle's death, he left Denmark again in 1566, as his astronomical studies were rejected by his noble family. Brahe went to Wittenberg University - , which he soon had to leave because of the plague. So he enrolled at Rostock University. Here Brahe had a lasting experience.

During an engagement party he got into an argument with a fellow countryman, and in the ensuing duel part of his nose was cut off. Brahe had it replicated by a piece of silver alloy.

His further places of study were then Basel, Ingolstadt and Augsburg. After an absence of two years, he returned to Denmark and lived with his uncle in Herrizwad near Knudstrup. Here, in the former monastery - history homework help , Brahe set up a chemical laboratory where he carried out alchemical investigations with great intensity.

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