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Dissertation title Thus, the final table of contents can only be drawn up when our work has been compiled and officially edited, since only then can we indicate page numbers. According to the established tradition of book publishing, the table of contents in fiction is usually at the end of the work, and at the beginning in the literature and scientific works. However, there are exceptions stick to this habit and place the table of contents at the very beginning of your dissertation, right after the title page. Write an introduction after the title. It should be as short and concise as possible, and contain all the necessary information about the dissertation (when it was written, which author of the essay ( wrote it, and what is the dissertation topic) that will be written in your dissertation. In the introduction, justify the choice of topic, emphasize the relevance of our topic, if it exists, if not, then it will be easier buy assignment already with a ready-made topic. If our work has a higher goal, instead of giving a simple summary of the available literature on the subject, the introduction notes the thesis that we want to prove or disprove. If our dissertation is based on personal research, there is a place in the introduction to inform our reader about the research methods used, whether it be questionnaires, in-depth interviews, linguistic, paleographic analysis of texts, a socio-psychological experiment or something else, and here we defend our research method from possible objections, for which we can prepare in advance. It would be nice in the introduction to describe exactly what our work is and what we bought from academic writing service - we can spare ourselves the inconvenience later. The preface is similar to the introduction, but not the same. While the former is an integral part of the thesis, the latter is not necessarily the case. Write a preface if, after completing our dissertation, we feel that we still have debts that we need to pay off. So let's do this one last time if we think it's worth it. Here are our excuses: if, for example, we are aware of ourselves we to some shortcomings of our work, which were not our fault. (If you are incomplete, the literature was unavailable, unforeseen difficulties arose during the performance of the work, or if our work cannot, for any objective reason, tend towards completion - provided that e the flaws are not so serious as to justify a change of topic.) Do not be afraid that by doing so you help the reviewer to identify our weaknesses: you probably won’t notice them anyway, however, with a well-written preface, if our views are well founded and well understood, we can neutralize most of the expected criticisms.

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