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Study Strategy for Students

Study Strategy 1: Use Apps

With the new ever-expanding marketplace of apps on the android and apple app store, there is more than likely an app to suit your needs about the topic you're revising. According to help me with my homework experts if you find that you canno't seem to locate a suitable app, talk to your friends and/or teachers and ask them if they have used any that proved particularly useful.

Study Strategy 2: Collaboration.

Revising with a friend is a great way to study as you can test each other and if one of you is more skillful in a particualar area, then they can help you out or you can help them out. For studying together, you should write down notes about a topic you're both revising for 10 mins, then after that time you should pose each other questions about the topic. According to study daddy if they answer incorrectly, as a forfeit they must read the whole page again. This method is useful and can help with memory retention but can prove tedious if you or your friend is a slow learner.

Study Strategy 3: Make + Post Posters.

For this study strategy, you can create revision posters with the information you need, then photocopy it and stick them in places where you know they will catch your attention for you to read, for example: the mirror, the bathroom, the door etc. Try to make your information short and consise so you stay engaged.

Study Strategy 4: Space It Out.

According to studydaddy make sure you space out your revision and remember to keep in mind that the average persons concentration time is around 30-40 mins, so try to make a study timetable and factor in these sessions for good quality revision.

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Other areas/branches of study:

Media studies – media studies deals with the history and effects of mass media. Demography – it is the study of human population. Education – it basically deals with how people attain knowledge. It includes teaching and learning specific skills. Linguistics – it is the study of language and has specialized branches like sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, ethno linguistics, computational linguistics etc. Criminology – it is the study of criminal behavior on social and individual levels. Social work – it refers to being of service to the unfortunate, needy and afflicted.

Behavioral science, cultural studies, developmental studies, gender studies, information science, journalism, legal management, international relations etc. are also some of the other areas of social science.

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