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iPhone Apps for a Better Business Meeting

Scheduling a meeting is the easy part; planning and pulling off a productive meeting can be a real challenge. But ​​Apple creates everything for productive use of its devices. Video meetings, call recording app, messengers are available on your device. Here are seven apps to help you keep your meetings and life in order.

Business productivity apps are available to help meetings be more productive and less time-consuming. Most apps are low cost or a nominal monthly fee for full access.

Apps have the functionality to run a meeting from start to finish including scheduling, video conferencing, creating presentations and keeping notes.

Highlighted productivity apps are available for download on iOS devices as well as Android and the web.

Rarely do people get excited at the prospect of a routine business meeting, and there's probably good reason for that. But any meeting can go more smoothly from start to finish with a little help from your smartphone. These seven favorite meeting-oriented apps are a Swiss Army knife for planning, coordinating, executing and following up on meetings. They offer easy access to contacts, emails, notes and more.

Schedule your meeting: Doodle (free)

Scheduling a meeting can be a pain, what with emails and phone calls flying back and forth. But it doesn't have to be that way.

One of the easiest scheduling apps is Doodle (iOS/Android), which lets you collectively poll your participants to find out which meting times work best for them. The meeting organizer sends out an email, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or SMS with several options, and everyone casts one or more votes for the best time or date. The organizer uses that information to finalize a time for the meeting and sends out a confirmation message. Invitees who don't have Doodle can easily use the web app.

Give your presentation: Keynote (free)

Way back when, setting up a business presentation required a laptop, hooking it up to a large display or projector, and crossing your fingers, hoping that everything worked. Today, you use your iPhone to carry everything you need for your presentation right in your pocket.

Keynote (iOS), Apple's answer to PowerPoint, is a robust presentation app that lets you import presentations from your computer or create them directly on your device. You can present on an external display or projector or stream wirelessly via AirPlay and Apple TV. Use Keynote Live to present a slideshow that audiences can see from any Apple device and

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