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And then there was a bridge!

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Please be understanding of the reasons why this project was implemented and enjoy this excellent addition to the Fanshawe Lake Trail!

Well its official, after a few delays and a couple of last minute changes, the new bridge is complete! Thanks to all trail users for being patient while the work was being completed. Also, thank you to the UTRCA Conservations Services Unit and their contractors for making short work of this major endeavor.

This project has been a long time coming and we’re excited now that it is officially done! Although some of our users may feel that we’ve eliminated some of the challenge or fun from this area of the lake trail, the implementation of the bridge is beneficial from more than one angle. Adding this bridge to our trail is moving us in the right direction not only for the safety of all our patrons, but also towards better management for the health of the ecosystem. By limiting the amount of patrons crossing through the creek we in turn limit the disturbance to the benthic ecosystem and reduce the amount of sediment added to the water course each time the creek is crossed. This is especially important as we’ve seen the trail use increase exponentially over the past few seasons!

Park Staff

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