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Emergency Response Marker Stations

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Do not remove or move any signs as you could be putting other patrons at risk

Every 500m along the Fanshawe Lake Trail there are emergency response station markers with a number in the bottom right corner. The signs are placed 500m apart so that you are never more than 250m away from any one station which is crucial for emergency response when someone is in need of medical assistance or other help on the lake trail. The emergency markers are also outlined on our trail map that has been provided to emergency services. When an emergency is reported and trail users reference the closest station number to EMS, Police or Fanshawe Park staff we are able to quickly determine the best approach to get emergency vehicles as close to the emergency as possible. This is why it is important and why we encourage all trail users to stay on the managed trail system where these stations are located. There could be additional hazards on unmanaged trails, increasing the risk of an accident and if injured while riding an illegal and unmanaged trail, response time will be affected as it will be difficult to locate you.

In addition to the above intended use of the emergency response stations they are also great reference points for reporting hazards or other issues on the trail.

The trails staff regularly check to make sure that our managed trail is signed with either our blue hiker signs and/or the black diamond signs to clearly indicate which trail is the Fanshawe Lake Trial. Please stay on our managed trail and please do not remove our signs as it creates confusion and poses a risk for new or less experienced trail users.


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